Why Flow Systems?

Flow Systems is an Australian sustainable multi-utility providing electricity and thermal services via embedded energy networks and recycled water, wastewater and local water centres to communities and buildings.

We are an authorised electricity retailer and a licenced local water utility for 10 communities. Flow Systems’ businesses serve over 30,000 customers across Australia, with more customers signing up every week.

As an authorised retailer, we use our buying power to get the best electricity price we can for your building. In fact, we have saved some customers up to 25% on their annual electricity bill compared to standing offer tariff rates from the incumbent.

We offer a one-stop shop. We provide our clients with a fully managed service supplying electricity and billing to the body corporate and residents, meaning one point of contact for clients regarding their customer service needs.

We will put the power back in the hands of the residents of your building. We will move them from a variable price to a fixed price, helping them avoid bill shock and giving them the ability to plan their monthly electricity spend.

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Contact us during business hours between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday through Friday on 1300 806 806 or email us.