Developers and Body Corporates

Flow Systems Pty Ltd (Flow) is a sustainable multi-utility providing embedded energy networks, hot water systems, drinking water, recycled water and wastewater services to both horizontal and vertical communities in New South Wales and Queensland. In total, Flow Systems aims to provide utility services to over 400 communities and ultimately 100,000 customers in the next five years. You can download our Embedded Energy Overview below.

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Body Corporate Benefits

Residents receive the full rights and protections of a fully authorised energy retailer

  • Upfront cost saving on electricity rates.

  • Reduced common property costs.

  • Access to bulk energy purchasing.

  • Community power – Body Corporate own the reticulation, Flow works to obtain bulk energy prices for the building and its residents.

  • Other options include fully-funded infrastructure such as; hot water, solar and micro-CHP. Keeping the Body Corporate within spending limits.

  • Flexible payment options.

  • No lock-in contracts.

  • Reduced regulatory risk for Body Corporate.

  • No system maintenance costs charged to Body Corporate for life of Flow contract.

  • Reduced admin burden for the Body Corporate and bill payer - Regulator and energy retailer liaison borne by Flow.

  • Personalised customer service.

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Developer Benefits

Flow can help Developers get to market faster with a range of Groundbreaker products.

  • CAPEX Relief.

  • Flow’s embedded network provides foundation for local energy generation and efficiency enhancements throughout the building.

  • Superior performance outcomes from fully funded infrastructure such as hot water systems, solar and micro-CHP.

  • Get stock to market faster.

  • Flow’s teams work with developer services teams on the ground for seamless planning, build and commissioning.

  • Access to market leading innovation as solutions become available in Australia.

  • Increased rental / sales appeal due to lower living costs.

  • Embedded gas networks reduce infrastructure requirements for sites with cooktop gas only.

  • Integrated services share infrastructure where possible, reducing costly duplication. For example, integrating meter telemetry, broadband and building management on one communications network.

You can find out more about Flow’s Embedded Electricity Networks, smart hot water systems, local generation, and more by registering your details and, once registered, downloading our Embedded Energy Overview.